Expelled from China

Ursula Gauthier

The story of Ursula Gauthier’s expulsion from China made headlines around the world. As a French correspondent based in Beijing for six years, she was singled out by authorities for a piece she wrote…

The Colors of Love: Exploring the Art of the Kamasutra

Léonard Anthony Corinne Bongrand

Based on the ancient text that has been inspiring lovers for nearly two millenniums, The Colors of Love invites readers to discover the erotic arts in a whole new way. Give in to the moment, let your…

The Triumph of the Artist

Tzvetan Todorov

Russia’s October Revolution of 1917 remains one of the most influential events in modern history, both as a moment of liberation and the inaugural event of a nascent totalitarian state. In The Triumph…

Blabla Queens

Anne Wehr

Blabla Queens is an illustrated collection of texts between Pipa and Pipo, two spunky female characters, one doe-eyed and one  feline, doing what they do best: poking fun. These two friends hold nothi…

The French Art of Not Giving a Sh*t

Fabrice Midal

It’s time to stop giving a sh*t! Be calm… Stop stressing… Embrace the universe… Try yoga… Be fulfilled… and that’s an order! We’re overwhelmed with these sorts of commands, and we often tort…

The Long Pursuit

Richard Holmes

Central to this pursuit is a powerful evocation of lives both scientific and literary, some well-known and others almost lost to history: Margaret Cavendish, Mary Somerville, Germaine de Staël, Mary W…

Four Brothers and an Old Friend

Franklin Servan-Schreiber

The four Servan-Schreiber brothers formed a tight-knit, inseparable clan. They also came together as the eldest brother – renowned doctor and author of bestselling Anticancer, David Servan-Schreiber -…

The Force of the Spirit

Marie de Hennezel

Renowned psychologist Marie de Hennezel shares her story of an extraordinary friendship that grew out of a mutual questioning of spirituality, life, death, and the hereafter.

A Curiosity of Doubts

Tea Uglow

While society generally espouses the value of logic and certainty, we grow because we doubt. Humans have not spent millennia traversing oceans and experimenting with explosives because of confidence i…

How To Write Like Tolstoy

Richard Cohen

A thought-provoking journey inside the minds of the world’s most accomplished storytellers, from Shakespeare to Stephen King. Veteran editor and author Richard Cohen takes us on an engrossing journey…