How to Speak Whale

Tom Mustill

In 2015, wildlife filmmaker Tom Mustill was whale watching when a humpback breached onto his kayak and nearly killed him. A video clip of the event went viral, and Tom found himself inundated with the…

Tomorrow’s People

Paul Morland

Population is the vast hidden force shaping our future. It is breaking existing institutions and building their replacements, disrupting and destroying an old-world order, and bringing into existence…


Rebecca Mead

When New Yorker writer Rebecca Mead relocated to her birth city, London, with her family in the summer of 2018 she was both fleeing the political situation in America and seeking to expose her son to…

The Swedish Art of Aging Well

Margareta Magnusson

Now unburdened by (emotional and actual!) baggage and able to focus on what makes each day worth living, Margareta Magnusson shares her discoveries about becoming older – some difficult to accept, man…

Killers of the Flower Moon (Young Readers Edition)

David Grann

This essential book introduced young readers to the Reign of Terror against the Osage people–one of history’s most ruthless and shocking crimes. In the 1920s, the richest people per capita in the wor…

Are You Hypersensitive?

Fabrice Midal

Are you hypersensitive? Lucky you! Now that you’re aware of your exraordinary gift, this illustrated workbook gives you hands-on excercises and techniques that you can implement in your everyday life….

Wild Dances

William Lee Adams

William Lee Adams is the pre-eminent voice on Eurovision around the world. With 40 million unique hits yearly, his site, WiwiBloggs, has propelled him to be the cultural critic of this mad and wonderf…

Maybe I Don’t Belong Here

David Harewood

In this powerful memoir, the actor David Harewood recounts his psychotic break-down and recovery — whilst addressing the connection between mental health and issues of race, identity and belonging. Wh…


Mark Leonard

“Mark Leonard has reshaped how we look at the world.” — Will Hutton Since the Cold War, global leaders have been integrating the world’s economy, transport and communications and eliminating borders t…