Living with the Invisible

Vivre avec l'invisible

Marie de Hennezel

288 pages September 2021 Copies in French Original publisher: Editions Robert Laffont | VersilioNon Fiction

How many of us have felt that we were being guided by an invisible force? 

Have you kept it a secret, worried about being misunderstood, judged… or even worse? I want you to know that you are not alone.

Making use of case studies, inspiring personal stories and her professional experience as a psychoanalyst, Marie de Hennezel, bestselling author of Seize the Day and Sex After Sixty, reveals that many more of us than we imagine are united by our connection to the invisible.

Our relationship with the invisible is intimate, often sublime, and it takes many different forms. Intuition, premonitions in dreams, coincidences, conversations with a guardian angel or a protective presence… there are countless paths which lead to an awareness of another world and our proximity to the beyond.

In the course of her unique exploration of this rarely discussed subject, it became clear to Marie de Hennezel that relying on a mystical power outside of ourselves is common, essential… and natural.