Living with the Invisible

Vivre avec l'invisible

Marie de Hennezel

288 pages September 2021 Copies in French Original publisher: Editions Robert Laffont | VersilioNon Fiction

Have you ever felt that you were being guided by an invisible force? If you have, perhaps you’ve kept this feeling secret, afraid of being misunderstood, judged… or worse. Marie de Hennezel wants you to know that you are not alone.

Guardian angels, dreams, coincidences, gut instinct, premonitions – so many of us experience these phenomena and feel they have real meaning in our lives, but are too embarrassed  to admit it.

In the bestselling LIVING WITH THE INVISIBLE, French psychoanalyst and author Marie de Hennezel explores our relationship to the invisible forces around us and challenges the stigma which society attaches to these otherworldly experiences. Arguing that the invisible world is as significant and important as the ‘real’ world, de Hennezel draws on a wealth of personal and professional experience to reveal the power of the irrational, spiritual and sublime.