Farewell My Only One

Antoine Audouard

My heart was not in me, but with you, and now, even more, ~ if it is not with you, it is nowhere. Heloise in a letter to Abélard, 12th Century In a retelling of one of the most famous love stories of…

The Phoenix

Henning Boëtius

The year is 1947, ten years after the famous zeppelin Hindenburg burst spectacularly into flames while landing in Lakehurst, New Jersey. The cause of the disaster is still a mystery. The airship was a…

The Book of Fathers

Miklos Vámos

A celebrated literary saga, The adventures of twelve generations — Over three hundred years of Hungarian history, and the story of all fathers. 

The Adventures of Oscar Pill

Eli Anderson

What if you could travel inside the human body? Deep within the fortified walls of Cumides Circle, the Council of the Medicus is convening an emergency meeting: the Black Prince has just escaped after…