The Prophecy of the Gems

Flavia Bujor

Born from a passion for The Never Ending Story and J.R.R. Tolkien, The Prophecy of the Gems tells the story of three young women on a magical quest. On the night of their shared 14th birthday, Jade, O…

The Sands of Time

Léonard Anthony Antoine Audouard

A fast paced, historical adventure, The Sands of Time is set against the backdrop of the first modern military campaign into the Middle East, and the courage of the troops who followed the young Gener…

I Came


“I called my best friend Charlotte to tell her the big news. She screamed for joy! Soon everyone in town will know.I am twenty years old and I feel more like a hundred, a thousand even. I don’t know a…

In Our Strange Gardens

Michel Quint

Michel has a story to tell. Something that he remembers. Something someone else once remembered for him. It’s about his father, an ordinary man, and his cousin, a man with an extraordinary secret. Yea…

Finding You

Marc Levy

When they were growing up, Susan and Philip meant everything to each other. In the spirited optimism of their youth, they swore that they would love each other forever – even if their lives forced the…

The Incas

A.B. Daniel

On March 5th 1532 a group of 180 men and 57 horses led by the Captain Don Francisco Pizarro disembarked on the northern coast of Peru in pursuit of a magnificent dream. Their grueling journey from Spa…

If Only it Were True

Marc Levy

Arthur has had a long day. He returns to his new home in San Francisco, where packing boxes lie strewn across the living room floor. He musters the energy to clear them away. Satisfied, exhausted, he…

Farewell My Only One

Antoine Audouard

My heart was not in me, but with you, and now, even more, ~ if it is not with you, it is nowhere. Heloise in a letter to Abélard, 12th Century In a retelling of one of the most famous love stories of…

The Phoenix

Henning Boëtius

The year is 1947, ten years after the famous zeppelin Hindenburg burst spectacularly into flames while landing in Lakehurst, New Jersey. The cause of the disaster is still a mystery. The airship was a…

The Book of Fathers

Miklos Vámos

A celebrated literary saga, The adventures of twelve generations — Over three hundred years of Hungarian history, and the story of all fathers.