When Life Lights Up

Marc Levy

November 2022 Proofs in French Commercial Fiction

A novel that deals with the themes close to Marc Levy’s heart – first encounters, love, death, the passing of time…– Pierre Vavasseur, Le Parisien

“It’s a beautiful love story.” – Cécile Ribault Cailloll, France Info

Day in and day out, Jeremy stands on the ship’s deck, looking out towards the ocean, dreaming of a better life. Adèle is intrigued by the young man she sees from the ship’s porthole.

Adèle had heard tales of people who meet the love of their life at the right time, or at the wrong time, of couples who love each other until the end, of those who love without ever being able to act on it, of those who think “I’ve ruined everything”, and yet…

A romantic tale of love and all its vulnerabilities, When Life Lights Up is an unforgettable snapshot of two lives, brought together by fate.