The Shadow Thief

Marc Levy

288 pages June 2010 Original publisher: Editions Robert LaffontCommercial Fiction

What if the child you once were met the adult you’ve become.
Would they get along?

An entertaining and moving novel about first loves, friendship, and dreams, The Shadow Thief tells the story of a boy who grows up with a special gift: He can steal other people’s shadows – and the shadows confide secrets in him. These dark reflections come and go, revealing hidden insights into the person they belong to.

As the narrator grows older, he learns to use his gift, helping him navigate schoolyard rivalries, his first love, and his encounters and friendships as a medical student. Through the mistakes he makes trying to improve other people’s lives, he comes to realize that it’s not too late to seek out his own childhood dreams.

A humorous and touching read, The Shadow Thief is Marc Levy’s eleventh novel and was published in France on June 17, 2010.