Prisoners of the Past

L'agence des invisibles

Marc Levy

88 pages September 2021 Copies in French Original publisher: PHILEASIllustrated

“France’s most read writer has coauthored his first graphic novel and has found a fresh way of doing what he likes best: telling unique stories.” — Le Parisien

Since World War II, the Invisibles group, run by Norman Cooper and his friend Kuma Takara, has tracked down people who have gone missing in major conflicts, piecing together what happened in the days leading up to their disappearances. They are known as the best in the business at finding missing persons.

Julia Muller travels to New York to find out what happened to her father, Friedrich Muller, a Luftwaffe pilot who disappeared along with his bomber plane in 1941. But amid the swirling mist that obscures the past, can anyone be sure what really happened ?