To Reply or Not to Reply…

Je te ré non plus

Why We Are Drowning in Messages But Still Can't Get a Reply

Malene Rydahl

240 pages February 2020 Copies in French; Partial in English Original publisher: FlammarionPopular Psychology

“Have you had enough of waiting for a response that never arrives? Can’t face your overflowing inbox? Do you feel ignored or even hurt when people do not reply to you? You’re not alone.”

Messaging etiquette in the digital era has become a serious source of stress, and unanswered messages have led to many a misunderstanding. Whatever side of the dilemma you’re on, this frustration can be avoided. Malene Rydahl’s new book aims to help us navigate the challenges and rules of modern communication.

Our initial reaction when our messages go unanswered is a feeling of rejection, or fear of being disliked even. But why aren’t we getting a response, and what is the broader meaning of this phenomenon? What kinds of people don’t reply, and what are the consequences for their relationships, both personal and professional? How long should you wait for a reply before you can be sure it’ll never come? How do you manage your own lack of responsiveness, and how can you increase your chances of getting a reply from others in the first place?

This fascinating investigation, based in particular on a brand new international survey, sheds light on how to interpret unanswered messages and what this phenomenon really means for us. It shows us how to better balance out own frustrations when met with silence, increase our chances of getting a response, and manage our own growing mountains of unanswered messages.

In a nutshell: this book will help you become an expert in the art of writing and receiving responses.