Violaine Huisman

September 2019 Proofs in French Literary Fiction


“Violaine Huisman confirms her unique style… Rose desert is not merely a book about memories or goodbyes. […] Rather, it is a proudly literary work, the account of a metamorphosis.” –Le Monde

“What is the female condition? […] This book is a remarkable illustration of it” –Libération

“A work of great elegance.” –Vogue

“Magnificent. The rage of love – acts of rebellion against the injustices of fate – are rendered skillfully in a style that combines refined classicism and implacable crudeness. This second novel attests to Huisman’s rare talent.” –Marie Claire

“Abrupt, intense, passionate – sparkling so brightly that the reader is blinded by it. Each phrase reveals the restrained violence, the (contained) desire to fight, a desperate acceptance of life that is the mark of the best writers.” –Le Point

“Violaine Huisman’s style has an almost hypnotic power. At times gentle, at others abrupt, indeed even crudely erotic, she conveys equally well the beauty of wilderness and the agony of desire, the havoc of madness and the pain of loss.” -L’Express

“The story starts off at breakneck speed and never lets up… One of the most striking journey of self discovery that we know of…” -Le Parisien