London, Mon Amour

Marc Levy

415 pages July 2006 Finished copies in French Original publisher: Original Publisher: Editions Robert LaffontCommercial Fiction

A tale of fatherhood,friendship and love that unfolds in the heart of London’s Frog Alley.

When Mathias moves from Paris to South Kensington to join his best friend, Antoine, they decide to establish a new household for their kids by moving in together. They set themselves two ground rules: they will never call on baby sitters, nor will they ever bring any girlfriends home. However, the reality of life ‘à quatre’ is not always as straightforward as it could be. It seemed like the perfect solution for two single fathers in their thirties. They would take turns looking after the children, divide household chores and keep each other company on lonely Sunday evenings.

But such an intimate living arrangement quickly becomes strained, particularly when Mathias takes a more than passing interest in Audrey, a beautiful and ambitious young reporter who wanders into his bookshop one day. As Antoine and Mathias juggle parental obligations, romantic intrigues and differences of opinion, we are drawn into the colorful world of Bute Street and the intertwining destinies of its locals. With its disarming cast of characters, and set against London at its most engaging, this tender and light-hearted novel is yet another triumph from France’s bestselling fiction author.

Praise for London, Mon Amour:

“This novel is sparkling, generous, and delicately bittersweet” –Le Quotidien

“A male Bridget Jones” –Elle Magazine

“400 pages of twists and turns, of feel good factor and touching moments of everyday life. A must-read for the beach.” –Le Soir