Marc Levy

400 pages September 2020 Proofs in French Commercial Fiction, Thriller

Gripping and immersive, in this novel Marc Levy tackles Big Pharma, Big Data… As one of his characters asks:
How can we resist when our democracies are being sabotaged, when our very notion of truth is under attack?

Nine. Nine outlaws, working together for the greater good.
They’re friends, but they’ve never met.
Until …

It Happened At Night is a wild and terrifying chase through the streets, of Oslo, Madrid, Paris, Istanbul and London…

The nine are on a mission, to take on the sinister forces colluding to corrupt the modern world.



“A blend of Millennium and James Bond” – RTL, Bernard Lehut

“A novel that reads like a TV series. The characters are magnificently drawn, with their flaws and their past lives. There’s no downtime. This fabulous storyteller knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.” — LE FIGARO, MOHAMMED AÏSSAOUI

“An adventure and espionage novel. Made for the screen… The characters are fantastic, immediately likeable.” —BFM

“Fast-paced, it speeds along like a gripping TV series… Moving, intelligent and political… A nail-biting thriller which makes you want to join these modern-day Robin Hoods.” — LE PARISIEN

“A gripping journey into the lives of nine hackers facing off against powerful, monied, and ill-intentioned men. It’s strikingly truthful, stirringly humane. What an intelligent novel!” — NICKY DESPASSE, JOURNALIST FOR LE MONDE

“It grabs you – for these present-day Robin Hoods, the fearless, brilliant heroes that we love from the first pages on. It’s unputdownable.” — GILLES TRANCHANT, LIBRAIRIE CHEMINANT

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