Ideas to Postpone the End of the World

Ailton Krenak

104 pages Original publisher: Companhia das LetrasCurrent Affairs

From renowned Brazilian Indigenous activist and leader Ailton Krenak comes an urgent and necessary appeal to save the planet.

Humanity is facing the greatest environmental disaster of its existence. Global pandemics, extreme weather events, and massive wildfires all define the era many now call the Anthropocene.

In three lectures, Ailton Krenak argues that this is rooted in the flawed idea that humanity is separate from and superior to nature. In our collective march towards the abyss, we must reject the homogenizing effect of our human-first perspective and embrace a new idea of “dreaming,” one that allows us to regain our proper place within nature. Only then will we find more solutions to survive.


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“Ailton Krenak’s words . . . fill me with hope. Amid the successive catastrophes we experience today, he surprises us once again by teaching that the fight for a better world, a world that can be called home, involves not only explicit activism, but dance, music, the stories we tell at night.” — Aparecida Vilaca, anthropologist and author of Strange Enemies: Indigenous Agency and Scenes of Encounters in Amazonia

“Ailton Krenak’s book debuts on the Nielsen PublishNews list, which highlights the bestselling authors in Brazilian bookstores, self-service stores and supermarkets.” — PublishNews