Marc Levy

418 pages February 2016 Copies in French Original publisher: Editions Robert Laffont/VersilioCommercial Fiction

Where does our consciousness lie? Is it possible to transfer it? To preserve it?

Hope, Josh, and Luke are three neuroscience students, an inseparable trio bound by unwavering friendship and a genius idea. When one of them becomes terminally ill, they decide to attempt the impossible and make their extraordinary project come true.

Moving and mysterious yet full of humor, Hope is a timeless love story with an unforgettable denouement.

A novel about life, love, and death. Because after that, nothing is quite the same.

Praise for Hope:

“A gripping story. Once you start, you’ll find it un-putdownable.” – AFP

“One of Marc Levy’s most moving plots. A beautiful « Sleeping Beauty 2.0 », with a most striking heroine.” – RTL France

“His best book! A killer! Buy two copies — one to mark your favorite pages, the other to keep perfectly intact on your shelf.” -Le Parisien

“An unexpected journey.” – Femina