A Woman Like Her

Une fille comme elle

Marc Levy

373 pages May 2018 manuscript in French Commercial Fiction

Can a woman like her…fall for a guy like him?

During a business trip to New York, Sanji is talked into helping out his elderly uncle. He agrees to become an elevator operator in one of the city’s last mechanical elevators. The goal: to help his uncle fulfill a lifetime ambition to set the record for most miles traveled vertically. None of the inhabitants of this opulent Fifth Avenue building would guess that this charming young man in uniform and white gloves is in fact a very successful businessman back in Mumbai.

Least of all Chloe, who lives in the penthouse. Chloe is an aspiring actress − even though she’s been confined to a wheelchair since that terrible day, April 15, 2013. Chloe has no idea that Sanji, the new elevator operator on nightshift duty, is about to turn her little world upside down, and that life at 12 Fifth Avenue will never be the same.

A Woman like Her is an irresistible comedy that celebrates our differences and everything that brings us together − and where no one is truly who they appear to be.