The Folly and the Glory

Tim Weiner

Russia’s modern revival of the Soviet intelligence state in the twenty-first century has undermined countries across Europe and in the U.S. Weiner takes us behind closed doors to show how Putin uses p…


Fabrice Midal

You’re not stumbling, there’s an earthquake afoot. Crisis is an opportunity to rebuild… Casting blame will not fix the problem… But rest assured, you’d be a robot if you weren’t afraid… The path…


François Busnel, editor-in-chief

From Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America to the moveable feasts of the Lost Generation, France and the United States have long shared a special relationship, defined as much by romantic fasci…

The Wager

David Grann

A narrative of survival, The Wager tells the 18th century story of a shipwreck, a mutiny, and a trial full of twists and turns.

Ideas to Postpone the End of the World

Ailton Krenak

Humanity is facing the greatest environmental disaster of its existence. Global pandemics, extreme weather events, and massive wildfires all define the era many now call the Anthropocene. In three lec…

Life Is Not Useful

Ailton Krenak

For many centuries, Brazil’s Indigenous peoples have bravely faced threats of total annihilation and, in extremely adverse conditions, have reinvented their lives and communities. At a time when the C…

Playing For Freedom

Zarifa Adiba

Even before the Taliban’s return to power, the UN declared Afghanistan the worst place on earth to be born a woman. But Zarifa Adiba had big dreams. As a young girl, Zarifa taught herself English from…


Luke Harding

Its operatives come in disguise. They pose as tourists, journalists and businessmen. Utterly ruthless, sometimes bungling and always ambitious, they roam from Salisbury to Helsinki, Ukraine to the Cen…

A Most Beautiful Thing

Arshay Cooper

Growing up on Chicago’s Westside in the 90’s, Arshay Cooper knows the harder side of life. The street corners are full of gangs, the hallways of his apartment complex are haunted by drug addicts he ca…

Creative Care

Anne Basting

In Creative Care, Anne Basting lays the groundwork for a widespread transformation in our approach to elder care and uses compelling, touching stories to inspire and guide us all—family, friends, and…