x 100

x100: Comment protéger son foie et vivre jusqu'à 100 ans

How To Protect Your Liver and Live To 100

Gabriel Perlemuter

224 pages March 2023 Proofs in French Health, Popular Science

“This book will piss you off,”, promises Prof. Gabriel Perlemuter, the renowned hepatology expert. It will demand a lot from you, at times upset you, even challenge your way of life. It will force you out of your comfort zone and into the uncharted depths of your digestive system. Destination: increased life expectancy and improved quality of life. And without a wonder drug or quack remedy in sight!

In the highly anticipated follow-up to The Hidden Powers of the Liver, Prof. Perlemuter teaches us not just what to eat, but how to take pleasure in what we eat. Ever wondered how people live past 100 years old? What does the liver actually do? Join Prof. Perlemuter on this hepatologic hike towards a happy, and healthy, old age.