To Live and to Read

Tzvetan Todorov

200 pages February 2018 manuscript in French Original publisher: Editions Robert Laffont|VersilioNon Fiction

“A true humanist-in the noblest and most modern sense of the word.” – Télérama

A humanist and self-described historian of ideas, Tzvetan Todorov kept writing up until his death in February 2017. To Live and to Read is a collection of short essays, portraits, reviews, and lectures highlighting Todorov’s favorite enduring questions, and examining the ideas of figures ranging from Susan Sontag to Gitta Sereny, Kundera, E.O. Wilson, and Benjamin Britten.

Written with keen intelligence, balanced judgement, and exceptional clarity, Todorov examines issues such as humanitarian wars, the challenges presented by the digital age, Islamic fanaticism, and European arrogance. He remained to the end a modern-day Montesquieu.