To Catch a Storm

Mindy Mejia

300 pages Edited manuscript Thriller

Represented by Stephanie Cabot

How do we know what is true? How do we learn to trust people who experience the world in completely opposite ways from ourselves?

When her husband’s car is found abandoned and on fire—in the middle of a rainstorm—the police suspect Eve Roth had something to do with it. After all, her husband was suspended from the University of Iowa for inappropriate conduct with a student, and who else but an atmospheric physicist could incinerate a car in a downpour? But Eve has no idea why her husband disappeared and is desperate to find him, for both herself and her beloved, disabled father-in-law.

Jonah Kendrick appears on their doorstep with a theory. He’s seen Eve’s husband, bound and bleeding in a barn. A psychic detective who dreams of the lost, Jonah has helped find missing people his entire life. This isn’t the first time he’s dreamed about this barn, though. He saw his niece trapped there four months ago, and she’s still missing.

Eve rejects anything to do with psychics, but their investigations soon collide. As the temperature drops and turns the world to ice, Eve and Jonah race across the state to discover what happened to the people they’ve lost. But the truth is more deadly than they expected, and the physicist and the psychic must learn to believe in each other if they want to get out of this storm alive.