There’s No Limit To What You Camus

Descartes pour les jours de doute

Marie Robert

250 pages April 2019 Copies in French; Partial in English Original publisher: Flammarion/VersilioPhilosophy

In There’s No Limit to What You Camus, Marie Robert returns with this lively and entertaining proof thatĀ theĀ (French) philosophers still have plenty left to teach us…

How can you stay patient with your hyperactive kids? Find a way to work with your tyrannical boss? Survive embarrassing yourself in public? How can you get over your shyness, your fear of taking risks? With twelve highly relatable examples, Marie Robert brings us right to the heart of our emotions and introduces twelve new philosophers to help us overcome our fears and the daily challenges of modern life. From Camus to Foucault, from Sartre to Beauvoir, from Montaigne to Descartes, Marie Robert shines the spotlight on French philosophy in this witty, indispensable book that will change your life for the better.