The Woman We Are

Emma Deruschi

200 pages manuscript in French Original publisher: Flammarion | VersilioLiterary Fiction

“The more we look at our loved ones, the less we see them…”

A stunning first novel, with a unique heroine.

A physical therapist, wife and mother living in Paris – Elisa’s life is not very different from that of millions of other women. She’s surrounded by friends, who are warm, lively and caring, who share tales of their daily struggles and victories. But nobody notices that despite this material comfort, these friends and family, Elisa is facing her own challenge, one that is quietly wearing away at her.

Told in turns by those lively women in Elisa’s life, the novel gives us a many-faceted view of Elisa and her quest for a new beginning. And with the final chapter of The Woman We Are, it becomes clear just how much Elisa’s struggles mirror and echo with those of so many others.