The Widow Spy

Megan Campisi

December 2023 Manuscript in English Commercial Fiction, Historical Fiction

Represented by Stephanie Cabot

Based on true, historical events, The Widow Spy asks how we can demand tolerance for our beliefs when we feel that those across the divide don’t deserve the same.

It’s August 1863, and Kate Warner is the Pinkerton detective agency’s first female recruit. She’s also a Union spy, and her next assignment could end the American Civil War. All she has to do is win the trust of her captive, the Confederate spy Rose Greenhow.

But it’s an impossible task. The wealthy, white-supremacist Rose knows Kate for who she is: a working-class immigrant Abolitionist. Kate also has her own secrets to protect, not least her clandestine love affair with a Black colleague.

As Kate’s time runs out, she will have to confront not only the moral and political divisions between herself and Rose, but the divisions she’s made in her own heart and life.