The Warmth of the Heart Prevents Your Body from Rusting

Marie de Hennezel

pages January 2011 copies in French and English Original publisher: Original publisher: Editions Robert LaffontPersonal Development

“The lesson is that when we have made peace with ourselves, ‘it is not bitternessand despair that inhabit us, but a new feeling of unimaginable liberty and an immense tenderness.'”  – The Times

The inevitable ageing process does not have to condemn us to solitude, suffering, degradation or dependency. In this eloquent meditation on ageing, Marie de Hennezel guides us through a true “art of growing old.” She recalls her encounters as a clinical psychologist with extraordinary people who “grow old gracefully”—and through her experience shows us how to make the most of this time in our lives, to avoid depression and to stay happy. She believes that wherever we grow old and whatever our circumstances, if we can maintain energy in our hearts and believe in the power of joy and human warmth, this can transform us and the way we look at the world. This is a wonderful book with a powerful message that applies to everyone, no matter how old.
Praise for The Warmth of the Heart Prevents Your Body from Rusting:
“de Hennezel, a psychotherapist and adviser to the French Ministry of Health, urges you to ‘be the actor of your own old age and turn it into something beautiful and interesting.’ – The Sunday Times Style
“Entirely uplifting. . . Essential reading. Anyone in their 30s and 40s would find de Hennezel’s book as inspirational as I do.”  – Daily Mail