The Spaces in Between

A Memoir

Caroline Jones

220 pages February 2016 manuscript in English Memoir

“Beautiful and heart-rending…I could smell Africa on every page.” – A. A. Gill

By the time she was 18, Caroline Jones had lived in five different African countries as well as Pakistan. Her father’s work with the UN World Food Program saw the family following him to countries in or on the border of civil wars and famines. Hers was a magical childhood of wild animals, single-engine planes and freedom in the most beautiful and wild places on earth, but it was also a transient and impermanent life.

Presenting to the world a front of happiness and assurance, Caroline developed a secret illness with a pattern of destructive behavior that gradually grew out of her control-she suffered from bulimia from the ages of 17 to 31. The disease became like a lover to her, a “map through darkness” that she came to depend upon to deal with the demands that life placed upon her.

The story of her illness and journey back to health and happiness is interwoven with memories of her childhood and visits to Africa, as well as the documentaries she was working on, her family and relationships, and events of the time.


“Beautifully crafted memoir…[Caroline Jones] lays bare her troubled past with clarity and authenticity.” –Mail on Sunday

“The story that emerges is both fascinating and complex, drawing together Jones’s personal experience and the wider sickness of the world we all live in.” -Alice O’Keefe, The Guardian

“In this beautifully written memoir [Jones] evocatively recalls the landscape of her youth and courageously recounts her struggles.” -Eithne Farry, Sunday Express

“Inspiring.” –The Argus

“Thoughtful.” –The Spectator