The Sorcerer’s Apprentices

Everything They're Not Telling You About Messenger RNA

Alexandra Henrion-Caude

Manuscript in French Health

‘I’m no conspiracy theorist – I’m a geneticist. And one of the most respected geneticists out there, according to some. Ever wondered what that molecule the COVID-19 vaccine is made from (messenger RNA) actually is? In this book, I’ll tell you. Because you deserve to know.” 

How much do we actually know about the substance that was injected into billions of human beings? What do we know about the long-term effects of messenger RNA on the body? Calling on the expertise she has accrued as a world-class researcher, Alexandra Henrion-Caude explores the mysterious molecule on the mysterious molecule that makes up the COVID-19 vaccine.

In this #1 bestseller that’s taken France by storm, she questions the place of laboratories in commercialising a substance whose long-term effects are yet to have been adequately studied. A must-read for anyone wanting to understand the molecule, The Sorcerer’s Apprentices is written in clear, accessible language, free from the scientific jargon that tends to proliferate when genetics enter the picture.

Recipient of the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship in 2013, Alexandra Henrion-Caude has garnered international recognition for her work on Mitochondrial MicroRNAs. After completing her doctorate at Paris-Diderot University and then working as a neurologist at Harvard Medical School, she went on to lead numerous research teams as Research Director at INSERM.