The Sleeping Mountain

Tales of a Childhood in the Andes

Alvaro Escobar Molina

pages April 2003 Finished copies in French and German, Extracts in English Original publisher: Original Publisher : Editions Anne CarrièreCommercial Fiction

A charming and inspirational tale of a young boy growing up in the Andes.

In a mountain village of Colombia, a little child is learning about the world by watching his grandmother’s dry and wrinkled hands. He listens to the silences, to the tales of Madre Monte, and throws stones into a stream called Soledad. But when war descends upon the village, the little Indian has to go into exile. Throughout his adult life, the wonderful lessons of this “sleeping mountain” continue to resonate within him. The tales that emerge from this childhood have a magical quality. They capture a natural wisdom, a disarming innocence.