The Secret Book

Gregory Samak

pages May 2014 Copies in French, manuscript in English Original publisher: Flammarion | VersilioLiterary Fiction

What if a book could change the course of history?

Elias Ein, an elderly, wise, and lonely man, has decided to retire in Braunau am Inn, a nondescript town in the heart of Austria. In his new home, Elias discovers a hidden staircase that leads him to a vast room filled with rows of books. One volume in particular, glowing, catches his eye. As he opens it and starts to turn the pages, he realizes that each entry tells a different person’s story, and that everyone’s life-past, present, or future-is transcribed therein. Elias has stumbled upon the Great Book of Life, which holds the fate of every man.

With this book, Elias has a chance to save his loved ones, and more importantly, to change the course of history for an entire people. But will fate come back to haunt him?

An enthralling tale of friendship and defiance, of hatred and cowardice, The Secret Book is a timeless read that will undoubtedly find echoes in the current events and political perils of today.