The Prophecy of the Gems

Flavia Bujor

404 pages August 2002 Original publisher: Editions Anne CarrièreYoung Adult

“A literary event, not only for children.” – Der Spiegel

Born from a passion for The Never Ending Story and J.R.R. Tolkien, The Prophecy of the Gems tells the story of three young women on a magical quest. On the night of their shared 14th birthday, Jade, Opal and Amber learn that they must follow a calling to fulfil an ancient prophecy and serve as the last hope against the forces of evil.

Together the heroines embark on a series of adventures in a magical land where they are caught up in the battle between the evil Council of Twelve and the forces of resistance, led by an exiled prince who has forgotten his own name and his mission. The girls eventually learn the true prophecy of the stones: one girl will discover the King; one girl will discover the Gift; and one girl will lead the other two to their deaths.

Their journey will also teach them that they must trust in themselves before making use of their great gift. The adventures of these spirited young women are deftly wrapped within the surprising and touching, present-day story of its young narrator.