The Power of Women

Learning from Resilience to Heal Our World

Denis Mukwege

An Oprah Book

In an era of Putin, Trump and Bolsonaro, it’s easy to lose your faith in humanity. But every once in a while, someone like Dr. Mukwege comes along and renews it.

2018 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Mukwege has seen unimaginable destruction, pain that should never be felt – and has saved countless lives at the risk of losing his own in several assassination attempts at his home and hospital. His tireless work to heal survivors of sexual violence in his war-torn country of Congo has gained him recognition as a global champion of women’s rights.

The Power of Women prompts us to challenge our attitude towards sexual violence. Part autobiography, part rallying cry against sexual violence in peace-time and in war, Dr. Mukwege explores how he became an activist by accident, but has stayed one out of necessity, seeking throughout to spotlight the extraordinary women who have shaped and inspired him. It is a story about struggle and suffering, but it is also one of hope and resilience. Dr. Mukwege has seen thousands of women on the brink of death and heard their harrowing stories – but he has also witnessed them heal, buy land, start businesses, and help rebuild their shattered communities.

The Power of Women is an arresting and deeply compelling call to action that reinforces the messages of the #MeToo movement. Dr. Mukwege explains that corruption, cruelty and global indifference have sustained two decades of conflict in his country, but he argues throughout that the rape crisis in Congo is inextricably linked to the mistreatment of women in homes and on streets in all parts of the world.

Dr. Mukwege also addresses men, encouraging and guiding them to become allies in the fight against sexual abuse. Through his personal example and his ideas, he hopes to inspire a new form of “positive masculinity” – a change in male behavior and attitudes that will help build more inclusive, gender-balanced societies. He believes other men must join the struggle.

The countless women that Dr. Mukwege has worked with call him their savior. Dr. Mukwege is quick to point out, however, that they, the women, are the heroines of this story.


“Dr. Denis Mukwege is my hero.” — EMMA WATSON

“A tireless defender of women’s dignity, Dr. Mukwege is beginning a new phase, from now on he will also be fighting to spread awareness of sexual violence as a weapon of war.” — TÉLÉRAMA