The Power of Ethics

How to Make Good Choices in a Complicated World

Susan Liautaud

January 2021 Proofs in English Current Affairs, Philosophy

The essential guide for ethical decision-making in the 21st century.

It’s not your imagination: we’re living in a time of moral decline. Publicly, we’re bombarded with reports of government leaders acting against the welfare of their constituents; companies prioritizing profits over health, safety, and our best interests; and technology posing risks to society with few or no repercussions for those responsible. Personally, we may be conflicted about how much privacy to afford our children on the internet; how to make informed choices about our purchases and the companies we buy from; or how to handle misconduct we witness at home and at work.

How do we find a way forward? Today’s ethical challenges are increasingly gray, often without a clear right or wrong solution, causing us to teeter on the edge of effective decision-making. With concentrated power structures, rapid advances in technology, and insufficient regulation to protect citizens and consumers, ethics are harder to understand than ever. But in The Power of Ethics, Susan Liautaud shows how we can create a sea change of positive decisions that can ripple outward to our families, communities, workplaces, and the wider world—offering unprecedented opportunity for good.

Drawing on two decades as an ethics advisor guiding corporations and leaders, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and students in her Stanford University ethics courses, Susan Liautaud provides clarity to blurry ethical questions, walking you through a straightforward, four-step process for ethical decision-making you can use every day. Liautaud also explains the six forces driving virtually every choice we face. Exploring some of today’s most challenging ethics dilemmas and showing you how to develop a clear point of view, speak out with authority, make effective decisions, and contribute to a better world for yourself and others, The Power of Ethics is the must-have ethics guide for the 21st century.


“Susan Liautaud’s book brings the much needed discussion on ethics to a wider audience. At once accessible, deep, and a compelling read, it explores many of today and tomorrow’s ethical issues… the book is a useful and practical guide for individuals and organizations as they navigate their way through ethical challenges”—James Manyika, CEO of McKinsey Global Institute “Brilliantly effective, truly visionary… an essential reminder of how each of our decisions impacts the stories of others around us. So get reading now, and don’t let ethics happen to you: Always be an actor – and never a spectator – of your own life.” ”—Sébastien Bazin, chairman and CEo, Accor