The Path of Possibilities

Les Chemins du possible

Marie Robert

272 pages November 2021 Copies in French Original publisher: FlammarionCommercial Fiction

“You want intensity without risk. You want life without death. You want the sublime without the storm. You want love without the mundane. Five years ago, you ran away to confront your demons, to free yourself from your shackles, and, thankfully, you succeeded. But now, it’s up to you to create an existence that suits you. Prolonging the pain is another form of running away. It’s time to make peace with your demons and find your home.”

This is an epic. Between Boston, Vienna, Paris, Geneva, São Paulo and New York, Penelope explores the pathways of possibility by conducting philosophical journeys. Narrating and discovering the great schools of thought is the best way to take hold of her world, to live, to act and to reconstruct.