The Man Who Looked Like Christ

L'Homme qui ressemblait au Christ

Roland Portiche

March 2023

What if the Turin Shroud hadn’t revealed all of its mysteries?

What if the world’s most famous relic concealed a secret of Biblical proportions?

Palestine, 1291. As the Last Crusade rages on, the market for relics has taken off. Christ’s nail-clippings, a vial of His tears, fragments of the cross or the crown of thorns; it seems as though nothing is holy in the Holy Land anymore.

In this world of corruption and counterfeits, Sybil Durward enlists the help of the knight Ulysses Cameron of Bath and his trusty squire Kostandin to find her missing brother, Alister. Their quest leads them to Acre, and a horrifying truth. Alister, resembling Jesus Christ, has been subjected to all of the sufferings He faced, for the sake of putting the shroud, in which His dying body was wrapped, up for sale.

But Alister, left for dead and clinging on to life, will not be silenced so easily. How will Ulysses and his friends follow his trail when all the signs point to murder? More to the point, how will they escape the Mamelukes who are besieging Acre, the last Christian stronghold in the Holy Land? And what will become of that shroud, emblazoned with Alister’s image?