The Library of Ice: Readings from a Cold Climate

Nancy Campbell

400 pages Full manuscript Original publisher: ScribnerNature

A vivid and perceptive book, The Library of Ice is about one of our planet’s defining resources. It combines scientific and cultural history with memoir.

From the world’s northernmost museum in Greenland to the Prints & Drawings Room of the British Museum via the ice houses of Calcutta and ice hockey rinks of Dubai, Nancy Campbell travels through remote arctic communities and European archives, exploring ice in all its facets.

She investigates its impact on the landscape and environment, its composition, and significance for science and the arts, and its role in preserving our own histories at a time when it is, itself, diminishing.

The Library of Ice looks beyond the shifting statistics of climate change and news of retreating glaciers and polar ice loss. At a time when the outlook for our planet seems bleak, Nancy discovers the riches that are revealed as the ice retreats – from the remains of our prehistoric ancestors to the minerals that will fuel the next phase of the global economy.