The Last of Our Kind

Adélaïde de Clermont-Tonnerre

400 pages August 2016 copies in French Commercial Fiction

Winner of the Prix de l’Académie Française

An impossible love story. At a time when everything was possible..

Werner Zilch is an up and coming entrepreneur in New York in the early 1970s. Young and dashing, hungry for recognition and success, Werner was adopted as an infant by a loving middle class couple in New Jersey. He knows nothing of where he came from or his biological family – nor is he particularly interested. But when he meets Rebecca, the daughter of an affluent and established family, and falls madly in love, he risks losing her unless he uncovers the truth of his past.

Layer by layer, he unravels the terrifying and complex story of his origins. Born during the bombing of Dresden in 1945, his mother died the night of his birth. He was brought to America after the war as part of Operation Paperclip — the mission that allowed the brilliant Nazi scientist Von Braun (the inventor of the V2 missiles) to discreetly relocate to America without any trial or fuss, along with 117 other German nationals.

Why was Werner traveling with Von Braun, and what had his family done during the war? These are some of the questions Werner has to answer if he is going to have a chance of winning back Rebecca.

Just when he feels certain their love is invincible, suddenly he realizes it might be impossible.