The French Art of Loving Yourself

Sauvez votre peau!

Fabrice Midal

180 pages January 2018 copies in French, manuscript in English Original publisher: Flammarion|VersilioPersonal Development

You feel as if your life is one long sacrifice…
You’re exploited, you’re mistreated…
You’re on the verge of a burn-out, but you just can’t say “no.”

After the bestselling The French Art of Not Giving a Sh*t, Fabrice Midal turns the tables on the myth of Narcissus and shows how the legend has been long misunderstood. Instead of accusing ourselves (and others) of being “too narcissistic” or self-absorbed, Midal explains that true narcissism involves taking care of ourselves; it teaches us to find peace with who we are – and enables us to develop relationships that are healthy and balanced.

With an eye-opening and empowering account, Midal weaves personal testimony through with a wealth of examples from literature, mythology, and culture, showing us that in order to be altruistic, we must first be narcissistic.