Les pouvoirs cachés du fois

The Hidden Powers of the Liver

Les pouvoirs cachés du foie

Live Longer, Live Better

Gabriel Perlemuter

280 pages copies in French Original publisher: Flammarion|VersilioPersonal Development

In the spirit of Giulia Enders’ Gut, an entertaining and informative exploration of one of the body’s unsung heroes.

What’s large, reddish-brown, and absolutely necessary for human survival? The liver. It is the only organ to fully regenerate, and thus the most resilient player in the human body. A healthy liver is our best line of defense against a startling array of illnesses and conditions, from simple fatigue to cirrhosis.

In The Hidden Powers of the Liver, internationally renowned expert Dr. Perlemuter mixes highly readable scientific narrative with crucial knowledge on how this mysterious organ processes hormones, stockpiles nutrients, filters out toxins, and keeps the body’s metabolism running. The author addresses questions like: Why is eating too much fruit bad for the liver? Why is coffee good for it? How can you take care of your liver − and more importantly, what’ll happen if you don’t?