The Guilt Detox

Arrêtez de vous priver !

David Khayat

224 pages Original publisher: Albin MichelHealth

“I’ll quit tomorrow, I promise!”

Who hasn’t uttered those empty words after an evening of heavy drinking or a particularly indulgent week? Just to forget all about our promises to abstain next week and begin the cycle all over again?

As a self-professed bon-viveur and eminent medical professional, Dr. David Khayat believes that it’s time to free ourselves from the strictures of bogus health advice. It’s time to embrace a guilt-free healthy lifestyle, on our own terms. Enjoying life is the key to vitality and that means embracing your favorite vices — but not to excess — and releasing yourself from the toxic guilt of feeling you’re not conforming to the latest medical diktats.

Dr. Khayat takes the reader’s unique health profile into account to reveal how a healthy lifestyle is within reach, without having to sacrifice the little pleasures that make life worth living. Drinking, smoking, sugar, salt, sun-exposure, screen-time… all our weaknesses have the potential to become our strengths.