The Glucose Goddess Method

Jessie Inchauspé

Popular Science

100 recipes and a 4-week guide to cutting cravings, getting your energy back, and feeling amazing.

“Can you move in with me please?”

After her first book Glucose Revolution took the world by storm, this was the question Jessie Inchauspé’s readers were asking her. In Glucose Revolution, Jessie shared life-changing science about how blood sugar affects every aspect of our lives, and easy hacks to manage it and help you feel your best.

The Glucose Goddess Method is the next best thing to having Jessie move in with you. In this book, she has created a step-by-step plan to begin your journey to steady glucose levels. Dive straight into your practice with this easy to follow, 4-week guide, complete with 100 of Jessie’s favorite recipes, and an interactive workbook to help track your progress.

We promise, she’s a pretty good roommate.


Praise for the international bestseller Glucose Revolution

“Jessie Inchauspé, a born communicator, has written the best practical guide to managing glucose to maximize health and longevity.” —David Sinclair, PhD, Harvard professor, Time “100 Most Influential People” and New York Times bestselling author of Lifespan

“This breakthrough book is a savvy, one-stop shop to sustainable weight loss and better health.” —Nina Teicholz, science journalist, bestselling author of The Big Fat Surprise

Glucose Revolution will help you feel better, cut cravings, connect with yourself, balance your hormones, live longer, teach you science and put a smile on your face along the way. This book is one of my references – don’t wait to read it.” —Davinia Taylor, British actress and #1 Sunday Times bestselling author of It’s Not A Diet

“Being a goddess is harder than it looks. But it turns out being a Glucose Goddess is easy. Jessie Inchauspe takes the new science of nutrition and makes it practical for everyone.” —Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor and New York Times Bestselling author of Fat Chance