The French Art of Not Giving a Sh*t

Foutez-vous la paix!

Fabrice Midal

200 pages January 2017 copies in French and English Original publisher: Flammarion/VersilioNon Fiction

“Fabrice Midal’s book is powerful, yet playful, challenging and at the same time comforting.  It can transform the way you look at your life as a whole, and the way you live this moment.”
-Tal Ben-Shahar

It’s time to stop giving a sh*t!

Be calm… Stop stressing… Embrace the universe… Try yoga… Be fulfilled… and that’s an order! We’re overwhelmed with these sorts of commands, and we often torture ourselves to “try harder,” yet somehow we never feel we’ve done quite enough. It’s about time we stop pushing ourselves to do what we think we’re supposed to do, and instead simply allow ourselves to be angry, be tired, be silly, be passionate-to stop giving a shit, and just be.

An international bestseller, The French Art of Not Giving a Sh*t by Fabrice Midal explains why the key to true mindfulness is freeing ourselves from social and often self-imposed stresses-and highlights how we can embrace life more fully by giving ourselves a break.

He gives readers permission to:

Stop obeying — you are intelligent
Stop being calm — be at peace
Stop wanting to be perfect — accept life’s storms
Stop rationalizing — let things be
Stop comparing — be you
Stop being ashamed — be vulnerable
Stop tormenting yourself — become your own best friend
Stop wanting to love — be benevolent

One of the world’s leading teachers of meditation and mindfulness, Midal offers us a new solution to the perennial problem of our too-much, too-fast modern life. It’s OK, he urges us, to say no. It’s fine to quit the things that don’t fulfill you. It’s necessary, in fact, to give ourselves a break and say, simply, c’est la vie.

In The French Art of Not Giving a Sh*t Midal gives each of us permission to stop doing the things that don’t make us happy so we have room in our lives for the things that do.