The Feast of Angels

Danielle Thiéry

pages March 2005 Original publisher: Original Publisher: Editions Anne CarrièreCrime Fiction

Danielle Thiéry delivers her darkest and most gripping thriller to date.

Commissioner Edwige Marion has recently been transferred to one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Paris. A single mother, she tries to shelter her daughter Nina from the violence and drugs that reign on the streets below; with her late hours and Nina’s adolescent curiosity, Marion is all too aware of the dangers that lurk. But nothing could prepare her for the terror they are about to live through.

Waiting for a ride home on a cold autumn night, Nina and her best friend are approached by a strange man who they can’t quite see in the faint street light. Nina tries to make him go away, with an off-the-cuff, witty remark. But the situation backfires and spirals out of control. Nina suddenly finds herself running for her life – and her best friend, a split-second slower, is shot dead just behind her.

Nina does not know who the killer is or why he attacked them, but even after safely reaching her mother at the police station, it seems that he is still out to get her.

Marion leads the investigation herself in the hope of not only solving the case, but also of regaining her daughter’s lost trust. The investigation takes her deep into the dark under-belly of the Gare du Nord train station where a mix of phantom-like characters, degenerates, and corrupt cops seem to conspire to prevent her suceeding, and where each clue leads her into a web of child prostitution and long-hidden murders.

As Marion finds herself struggling for information and pitted against unhelpful superiors, the pathological killer seems to be closing in on Nina.

Defying police protocol Marion sets out on her own to trap the killer before he gets to her daughter.