The Colors of Love: Exploring the Art of the Kamasutra

LĂ©onard Anthony, Corinne Bongrand

80 pages February 2017 copies in French and English Illustrated

Color your way to ecstasy…

Based on the ancient text that has been inspiring lovers for nearly two millenniums, The Colors of Love invites readers to discover the erotic arts in a whole new way. Give in to the moment, let your hands wander, and explore your hidden desires. These forty elegant and artistic illustrations explore eroticism, love, and passion, and lead the reader to imagine new sensual territory. Each image provides a welcome initiation to the world of pleasure.

These pages are designed to offer free reign to the imagination and to awaken subtle eroticism through the meditative act of coloring. There are no limits: don’t be afraid to add a word, a sentence, or a drawing as you color. Consider this a personal invitation to the eternal celebration of love.