The Billions of Dollars of Léon Robillard

Vincent Malone

pages October 2013 French copies available Original publisher: VersilioHumour

An absurdly hilarious take on what happens when a French pig farmer from the middle of nowhere embraces the world of junk mail. 

We’ve all received spam from an obscure African prince promising us a million dollars if we can just wire him some money for a visa, or a banker informing us we inherited a fortune from a long lost cousin who just passed. Sure, most of us delete the emails without a second thought. . . but some people actually write back. 

Meet Léon Robillard: he wouldn’t mind a few million, or a real girlfriend, and so whenever spam hits his inbox, he takes the time to reply! Thus begins a long and surreal chain of emails between a pig farmer from the middle of nowhere and various cyber-criminals around the world.  

In this colorful and laugh-out-loud exchange, Léon Robillard masters the game of cyber-bluff and puts his would-be scammers to the test—to the point where you can’t help but wonder who exactly is ripping off whom.  

Reminiscent of Monty Python or Borat in its absurdity with the irreverent humor of Teddy Wayne, The Billions of Dollars of Léon Robillard will make you look at your spam folder in a whole new way.

“Can’t say anything about it, we haven’t read it” – The New York Times
“Same here.” – Le Monde