The Billionaire Raj

A Journey through India's Gilded Age

James Crabtree

384 pages July 2018 finished copies Original publisher: OneworldHistory

On behalf of: Toby Mundy Associates

This acclaimed book, a number one bestseller in India, presents an unforgettable portrait of India’s “Bollygarchs”, its new billionaire class. It is for India what Evan Osnos’s Age of Ambition was for China.

The Billionaire Raj tells the story of the twenty-five years since India opened its economy to the world. It argues that like America before it, it is mid-way through a battle to define how its society and economy will develop, and the kind of great power it will eventually become. Crabtree’s book is a spellbinding and stimulating portrait of the new India. It is as colorful and vivid as the country itself.


“Splendid… It is bound to become a classic.” — Jagdish Bhagwati, Author of In Defense of Globalization

“A must-read for anyone interested in wealth, inequality, India, or the evolution of capitalism.” — Tyler Cowen