The Best is Still to Come

Guy Corneau

pages March 2007 Manuscript in French ,Winter 2006 Original publisher: Original Publisher: Editions Robert Laffont / SLAPersonal Development

The best of oneself is always yet to come – and Guy Corneau’s new book shows us how to tap into it.

Guy Corneau’s work as a psychoanalyst is always focused on finding new ways to make his research applicable and helpful to all of us. His concern is to make us more as we wish to be, and free us from debilitating thoughts and habits. Mediocre, useless, common…. Boring! – these are the sort of opinions that many people have of themselves – at least some of the time.

In The Best is Still to Come, Corneau shows us how to turn such thoughts on their heads and unleash our hidden potential… What potential is that, you ask. Well, the first step of Corneau’s process is to free us of our negative thoughts, the reflexes that keep us down. He helps us to remember and situate our buried aspirations and dreams and to communicate with that “better self.”

And it is in daily life – this boring life of ours – that we will find endless chances to access the best of ourselves and to joyfully express and develop the potential that sleeps within us. The Best is Still to Come shows us how we all hold the keys to our own happiness, talents and dreams. And Guy Corneau shares this great insight with concrete exercises and advice, which have been tried and tested in his many conferences across the world.