Stress, hypersensibilite, depression... Et si la solution venait de nos bacteries?

Prof. Gabriel Perlemuter

250 pages October 2020 Manuscript in French | Partial in English Popular Science

Think you know what’s going on inside your brain?
What if we discovered that the 100 000 billion bacteria in our gut were responsible for both our state of mind and our behavior?

The biggest forces impacting your mental health and well-being are actually the smallest. Invisible to the human eye, far from your head, these billions of bacteria in your gut are present and powerful decision-makers nearly everywhere in your life –whether it’s the burn-out you’re feeling, or the general state of anxiety.

Professor Gabriel Perlemuter takes us on a microscopic journey to show how tiny microbes have unmeasurable power to code almost anything into our metabolism – analyzing the relationship between our brain and our intestines, and how bacteria play a role in everything from depression to autism, to postnatal healing and eating disorders.

He shows that the way we handle stress is directly linked to our macrobiotic makeup and how taking certain probiotics can diminish our levels of fear and anger. Are we responsible for our bad eating habits? According to new studies there is a direct correlation between anorexia and a patient’s macrobiota. Other research shows that a fecal transplantation can diminish symptoms of aggressivity in certain patients suffering from autism.

As the saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Recent studies reveal that pectin – which nourishes bacteria and can be found in apples – is effective in treating addiction and alcoholism.

Our excessive consumption of sugar and junk food full of chemical additives, disturb the balance of bacteria that has been in place for centuries. Prof. Perlemuter shows that we cannot continue to ignore the fact that this way of eating affects the bacteria inside us and in turn our whole life.

Drawing on the latest discoveries made in the largest international research centers, he answers important questions: Could chocolate actually be better for you than broccoli? How do your medications affect your bacterial balance? Why is processed food food the first step to depression for your metabolism? Most importantly – do we really have free will and control over our own body’s destiny?

This essential and engaging new book reveals a whole new facet of the world within us, and shows us how to harness the forces of bacteria to stay as healthy as possible.