Ernetti et l'enigme de Jerusalem

Roland Portiche

320 pages April 2021 copies in French Original publisher: Albin Michel|Versilio

The nail-biting follow up to the debut bestseller Ernetti’s Machine.

When a team of researchers on a clandestine expedition in search of Solomon’s Temple uncover a mysterious stone cube, the world is turned upside down. The cube is more than three thousand years old, and at its center is a secret that could call the contents of the entire Bible into question.

There is only one way to avoid the chaotic fallout from this earth-shattering discovery: to investigate the past. At the command of Pope Jean-Paul II, Father Pellegrino Ernetti takes an astonishing journey back in time with the help of the Chronovisor, an extraordinary machine tucked away in the hidden depths of the Vatican archives.

The Chronovisor takes Father Ernetti even further into the past than the age of King Solomon, all the way back to ancient Egypt, to the days of the reign of the magnificent Queen Nefertiti. What does she know about the cube? And can Father Ernetti find out in time?