Alice O'Keeffe

Original publisher: UK: Hodder & Stoughton

Their ideals brought them together, but how closely should you follow your heart?

It is the mid-nineties, there is sense of excitement and social change in the air.  Free spirited Skylark is an anti-roads activist who has fled her stifling suburban background and is set on making the world a better, brighter place. Trapped in an unhappy relationship, she meets handsome and dependable Dan, a fellow rebel whose love and support turns her life around. But over time she starts to wonder: is Dan quite who he says he is?

Drawing on real stories that emerged as part of the Spycops scandal, Skylark depicts the personal and political legacy of Britain’s undercover policing of environmental protest, while at its heart lie more universal questions: How well do we ever really know the person we love? And can love be true, even when based on deception?

A modern tale of love, deceit and figuring out what matters.