Sex after Sixty

Marie de Hennezel

pages March 2015 Copies in French, manuscript in English available Original publisher: Editions Robert Laffont | VersilioPersonal Development

“I am writing for all the women my age who find themselves alone and yet aspire to a more fulfilling sexuality.” 

“I set out to understand how my perspective on sex for the older generation as a French woman could interest foreign readers. While digging into various publications, I was struck by an obsession with youth, with bodybuilding and plastic surgery. I wanted to write something different. I have realized that though we acknowledge that making love at age 70 will not be the same as at age 30, our generation has no desire to renounce sex; we are ready to invent something new.”

Growing older is often mistakenly associated with a decreased libido-as if the young had a monopoly on a healthy sex life, and intimacy after a certain age were taboo. In Sex after Sixty, renowned psychologist and sixty-something author Marie de Hennezel dispels the myths surrounding sexuality and old age and shows how misguided these preconceived ideas can be.

For many, retirement offers the opportunity to focus on personal fulfillment, including sexuality. de Hennezel’s research shows that older generations can lead active and satisfying sex lives. Basing her findings on scientific research and individual case studies, she explores the physical and emotional processes of aging and how they affect one’s sexuality. Sex after Sixty shows that age is no obstacle to intimacy-on the contrary, it can be a period of discovery and reawakening.

An accessible and optimistic read, Sex after Sixty offers tools for all readers to make the most of this time in their lives, no matter their circumstances.