Seize the Day

Marie de Hennezel

pages March 2012 Copies in French and English Original publisher: Editions Robert LaffontPersonal Development

Seize the Day is an illuminating book that celebrates life and encourages us to make the most of what we have.

In this remarkable book, psychologist Marie de Hennezel draws upon her personal experience of working with the terminally ill in a palliative care unit in Paris. Her encounters with people at the end of their life gives her a unique perspective on what life and death really mean, and her ultimate message, shared through the stories she recounts in this book, is one of celebrating the power and tenacity of the human spirit. She encourages us to embrace moments of joy and the small pleasures of life and to ‘seize the day’ at every opportunity. From the author of the Top Ten bestseller The Art of Growing Old comes this eloquent and inspirational work which will move everyone who reads it. 

“Inspirational. . . Written with compassion and sympathy, the book eschews denial, transforming the unpalatable into something humane.”  – The Independent