Promised Land, Sierra Leone

Thierry Cruvellier

380 pages January 2018 copies in French Original publisher: GallimardHistory

The true work of a writer. Carried by a savvy layering of voices, analyses as well as descriptions of smells, colors, faces and tones of voice, Promised Land rests on these scansion, its rhythm and music. – Le Monde

Author of The Master of Confessions and the only journalist to have reported from every international war crime tribunal of the post-Cold War era, Thierry Cruvellier first set foot in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1990 to cover the civil war, and he kept going back for the next twenty-five years.

Now in Promised Land, the first account of Sierra Leone’s contemporary history Cruvellier explores how the people of Sierra Leone watched their once-prosperous country become one of the poorest in the world. From the most extreme ravages of war, to the degradation of resources and infrastructure, to the most severe Ebola epidemic in the world, Sierra Leone has endured unimaginable tragedy. And yet, despite the hardships and crises, Cruvellier highlights the resilience of its people, who have retained their sense of altruism, their remarkable religious tolerance, their indomitable humor, and their taste for freedom.

Promised Land is an account of men and women, simple yet extraordinary, persevering in a society where moral integrity is precious above all else. At once tragic, humorous, and incredibly moving, Cruvellier paints the portrait of a country able to survive the most extreme conditions and cruelties known to humankind all while maintaining a triumphant sense of humor, life, and hope.